N.O.W. Collage Scholarship Award Winner
Joseph Banda

Dr. Susanne and Christine were interviewing orphan students when they came across an extraordinary young man in June of 2010. In this short video clip of that first interview with Joseph you will be moved by his intelligence, maturity and compassion for his people as well as his belief that God has ordained him with the talents to carry out his mission to study medicine.

Joseph’s Story

Joseph was born in Malawi Africa on Christmas Day, 1992. He was orphaned when he was 11 along with his little sister who was just a baby. Joseph's Grandparents, who were very poor, raised him and his sister. Joseph had a great desire to attend school so he left his village and traveled to a Government High School, only to be sent home because he had no money to pay for his school tuition, books, pens, paper, uniforms and necessities. Determined, Joseph began applying for scholarships. He was one of the very few who was chosen for a scholarship to attend High School.

Joseph’s Dream

Joseph believes God has blessed him with knowledge and intelligence to become a “Very Good Doctor to help my people.” He explained that in a country of 14.2 million people, there are only 316 doctors. The huge number of his people that suffer and die due to a lack of care by a physician is of great concern to him.


Dr. Susanne and Christine shared with Joseph the value of putting his goal in writing and reading that goal twice a day. He continues to read his goal daily. He reads with faith and conviction, that somehow God will create a way for him to fulfill his dream of becoming a great physician that will help his people, who lack medical attention.

Joseph’s Statement



“Here are some reasons of why I want to study medicine. The first reason is that it's my passion. I just want to help the sick and treat them. Secondly, there are not enough medical doctors in Malawi. No wonder so many people lose their life to a disease, which could have easily been treated, simply because there was not anyone to treat them. Many hospitals have no doctors at all. A doctor might manage many health centers. I don't promise to be enough or to treat everyone who goes sick but I know it will be of great importance to MANY people that I will manage to treat." - - - Joseph

Joseph is driven by another calling. He has an infectious love of sharing Christ and his Heavenly Father with as many as he can, especially troubled youth.


“When I saw that the youth in my community were going astray, I started a Christian Youth Group where they can learn the word of God. I want to see them busy with education and God's word instead of beer, prostitution and much other malpractice. When I return to my community on holidays I teach them the word of God. With the little money I have, I pay the primary school classroom rent every month. It's my job to see them heading to a better destination and better leaders. I call this group, The Fanatics Authenticated Christian Team." - - - Joseph


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